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Adoption of Smart Mobility Services in Seoul

Sang-Yeon HongㆍWonho KimㆍGyungsang YooㆍSehyun Park

Population around the world is moving to cities at extensive rate. UN claimed that in 2050, 68% of the world population will live in cities. Especially, in the case of megacities such as Tokyo, New York, and Seoul, overpopulation is believed to cause immense problems. Smart City is a key to solve the prevailing issues in these cities. The transportation problem is a big issue in such cities and Smart Mobility can be a solution.
Smart Mobility will change the transportation system in Seoul with IoT, Big data, AI, and 5G affecting the mobility services. New mobility services created by firms and start-ups will change the manner in which commute. In a Smart Mobility society, people will remain connected, everything will be shared, and modes will be multi-modal. There will be ways to solve traffic jams, the first and last mile problems, and parking problems.
List of Smart Mobility services was evaluated in this research. Platform services were evaluated as highly effective and strategies for these services are suggested. Finally, there are several suggestions for Seoul to successfully adopt Smart Mobility.