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Analysis on Characteristics of Women’s Labor Market in Seoul

Bum-Sik KimㆍYoon-Hyi Jang

The objective of this study was to analyze the status and issues of the women’s labor market in Seoul and to extract policy implications based on the previously mentioned analysis. Key results derived from the analysis were as follows. First, the female working age population was relatively non-economically active compared to men. Second, Seoul’s female employment rate was very low compared to men. Third, in 2017, there were about 351,000 career-interrupted women in Seoul, accounting for 20.9% of married women aged 15-54. Fourth, in 2017, the size of women’s NEETs in Seoul was approximately 239,000 people, exceeding the size of men’s NEETs(about 154,000 people). Fifth, the qualitative level of female employment is inferior to men in terms of wages and employment stability, except for working hours. Sixth, female work was dense in a small number of industries and occupations compared to men, and lacks diversity in employment. From this study’s results, in order to improve the employment rate of Seoul in the future, the quantitative expansion and quality improvement of female employment will be urgent. To that end, job opportunity suitable for women should be created on the demand side, in Seoul. On the supply side, labor market participation of women’s non-economically active population is very important.