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Analysis of the Location Characteristics and Transaction Network Status of D(Data)-N(Network)-A(AI) Industry in Seoul

Han Jihye · Kim Mookhan · Ju Jaeuk · Lee Gain

This paper focuses on empirically understanding the actual condition and characteristics of the D(Data)-N(Network)-A(AI) industry in Seoul and draws out a policy direction to support the industry. This study recognizes the worthiness of the D-N-A industry as a core infrastructure for digital transformation and as a leader of future changes. It stresses the importance of scrutinizing main traits and demand of the D-N-A industry in order for Seoul to be the city taking the future. This research identified the location characteristics and the transaction network status of D-N-A industry in Seoul which is not limited by space and uses space in various and complex ways. Moreover, the D-N-A industry is in the stage of interconnection, but has not yet fused with other industries. This paper captured the industry’s demand for base office close to residential areas, active use of Third Place, such as, cafe, restaurant, and park, and request to support growth. Based on these empirical analysis results, this study reveals that comprehensive industrial policy, such as, financial support, constructing and providing more available data, and advertising support, should be prioritized for the D-N-A industry in Seoul. It also discloses that the systematic support of voluntarily formed industrial cluster is sufficient to foster the D-N-A industry and that Seoul should create workspaces within residential, commercial, and resting areas to sustain its position as the largest D-N-A industry cluster in Korea.