Basic Design for Seoul Animal Center(SAC)



In Seoul, 20.4% of households own companion animals. This number has been growing up over the last decade. However, animal abandonment is still occurring. Owners’ awareness about responsible ownership remains low. Moreover there are insufficient public resources and programs to encourage animal care. We can learn how to play roles in animal care from overseas cases. For example, we can rescue and care animals in need, adopt and surrender animals. We can also provide education and consulting about animal care. Survey results revealed that only doing rescues by animal care centers in local districts was insufficient to manage animals successfully. Citizens also asked Seoul city government to act as a control tower of animal care by running similar animal care centers in foreign cities. It is expected that households that own companion animals will increase up to 29% soon and the number of citizens who demand the encompassing of animal care will also increase.

From this perspective, Seoul city government will run its own facilities, the so called Seoul Animal Center(SAC). This is estimated to bring benefit of 4.4 billion Korean won. Considering role allocation between City Government and local Governments, collaboration with NGOs and functional overlap with markets, the roles of SAC are restricted to protect animals and encourage pet culture such as placement of surrendering animal, adoption, vet, education, consulting, R&D, and platform for community animators. The southwest area of Seoul with high population is expected to be the best site for the first facility. Three additional facilities might be followed if the first one works well.




01 Introduction

1_Background and Purpose of the Study

2_Research Methods


02 Ownership and Condition of Companion Animal in Seoul

1_Statistics of Companion Animal Ownership

2_Companion Animal Markets


4_Policy and Legal System


03 Case Survey on Animal Welfare Facilities

1_Review of Domestic Animal Care Facilities: Public Sector

2_Review of Domestic Animal Care Facilities: Private Sector

3_Preceding Experiences of Foreign Cities


04 Roles and Benefits of Seoul Animal Center

1_Needs Assessment of Animal Care Center

2_Roles of Seoul Animal Center

3_Benefit Evaluation of Seoul Animal Center


05 Project Implementation Plan: the first Facility

1_Facility Siting

2_Project Procedure

3_Main Points

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