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Building a Strategic Management of Seoul Compact in the 7th Mayoral Term

Byeong-Sun Jeong․Eun-Young Han

Social Compact is one main task in the 7th mayoral term as part of the innovative cooperative system. The purpose of this study was to find a rational way to effectively promote the Seoul Compact. To achieve strategic management of Seoul Compact, this study was conducted in four stages. The first stage was the preliminary stage of Social Compact by discussing the conceptual meaning of Social Compact with its background and purpose. In the second stage, the UK Compact was selected as the case of Social Compact in foreign countries. In addition, national Compact and three local Compacts were investigated. Third, this study conducted a survey on subjects directly or indirectly involved in the Seoul Metropolitan Government as a social awareness and policy demand survey for the promotion of Seoul Compact. Fourth, this study suggested policy plans for promoting the Seoul Compact. As a plan for promoting the Seoul Compact, this study proposed three plans: ① establishing a strategic promotion system of the Seoul Compact, ② deriving basic ideas and action tasks of the Seoul Compact, and ③ institutionalizing plans for strengthening the effectiveness of the Seoul Compact. Specific contents of each plan are as follows. The establishment of strategic promotion system is prepared as the organization of participating subjects, the public discussion for Concluding Seoul Compact, and the diversification plan for the spread of Seoul Compact. In the derivation of basic ideas and action tasks of the Seoul Compact, the configuration system for the preparation of the agreement was established. Items and specific contents in the agreement were derived. Lastly, the institutionalization plan for strengthening effectiveness of Seoul Compact was composed of implementation and support system. The implementation system consisted of the following three components: establishment of action plan, monitoring system of Seoul Compact, and evaluating system of Seoul Compact. For the support system, legal institutionalization plan and organizations for implementing Seoul Compact were suggested. This study is expected to contribute to the establishment of horizontal and cooperative relations between administration and civil society for realizing citizen democracy by supporting the promotion of the Seoul Compact introduced as the main policy of municipal administration.