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Department of Urban Society Research

The Department Urban Society Research formulates macroscopic med- to long-term development plans for Seoul to proactively respond to demographic and social changes aimed at helping the city in becoming more people-oriented. Researchers of the department conduct research on a variety of social policies to improve both the image and residents’ quality of life of the city.

Research Areas

Future Society

  • Determining leading agendas and issues
  • Comparative studies on future strategies of global cities
  • Civilian monitoring on urban policies

Urban Management

  • Diagnosing organizations and study of urban council
  • Balancing finance and fiscal plans
  • Information policies and e-government

Social Welfare and Education

  • Social welfare, welfare administration, and poverty policies
  • Policies on women, low birth rates, childcare, and healthcare
  • Education policies

Culture, Art and Leisure

  • Cultural city, regional culture, cultural diversification
  • Art support, cultural facility, and festival-related policies
  • Daily life, leisure, and sports-related policies

Position Name Research Area Phone E-mail
Director/ Research Fellow Seung-Yeon Kim Social Welfare Policy, Youth Policy +82-2-2149-1241 이메일 보내기 아이콘
Senior Research Fellow Kwonjoong Choh Social Stratification, Information Society, E-Government +82-2-2149-1256 이메일 보내기 아이콘
Senior Research Fellow Seonhae Baik Cultural & Art Policy, Festival Policy +82-2-2149-1294 이메일 보내기 아이콘
Research Fellow Hyesook Lee Education Policy , Youth & Child Policy, Multi-cultural Education +82-2-2149-1265 이메일 보내기 아이콘
Research Fellow Min-Suk Yoon Social Welfare, Elderly Welfare, Disable Person Welfare +82-2-2149-1016 이메일 보내기 아이콘
Research Fellow Changwoo Shon Healthcare Policy Management, Urban Health, Community Health +82-2-2149-1029 이메일 보내기 아이콘
Research Fellow Hyun-chan Ahn Community Planning, Local Governance, Community Autonomy +82-2-2149-1269 이메일 보내기 아이콘
Associate Research Fellow Sanghyeon Kim Urban Sociology, Big Data, Research Methodology +82-2-2149-1380 이메일 보내기 아이콘
Associate Research Fellow Geumsun Byun Social Welfare Policy, Youth Policy, Longitudinal research +82-2-2149-1136 이메일 보내기 아이콘
Associate Research Fellow Seong-Ah Kim Food/Nutrition policy, Health promotion +82-2-2149-1221 이메일 보내기 아이콘