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The Diagnosis of Health Problems and its Suggestions in terms of Public Health Perspective

Chang-Woo ShonㆍJung-Ah Kim

Until now a scores of public health activities such as standardized projects have been staged without analysis for first priority of health problems and interventions in Seoul and each 25 autonomous districts. Against backdrop of this situation, this study tries to diagnosis health problems of Seoul, check whether public health activities are provided in terms of public health perspective. To grasp the health problems of Seoul, we collected the health indicators and categorized them into two criteria, the trend for recent 5 years, and their disparities. Also, we developed the ‘Seoul Urban Health Index’ by reflecting the County Health Rankings&Roadmap model which emphasizes the importance of environment, various health determinants. Based on results, we compared each index group’s spending of public health centers. Through the results, we could derive some suggestions. First, the interventions to solve the health problems should be staged on their priorities. Also when establishing local health care plans of Seoul, the perspective of considering both health outcome and equity is needed. At last, to solve the discord between health problems and their spendings, the system is required where Seoul can monitor the present situations of health projects and spending of each 25 autonomous district. Moreover, the endeavor is needed to figure out the feasibility and effectiveness of public health projects staged in public health centers.