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Employment Effects of The Community Support Program in Seoul

Dalho Cho · In Hye Yu


The Community Support Program (CSP) has been a major measure in the Community Empowerment Policy (CEP) of Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) since 2012. Many citizens have voluntarily participated in the program to rebuild their communities, and some citizens were provided jobs and/or works after being hired by the program. This study tries to find the quantitative employment effects of the program.

CSP is composed of the Citizen Proposal Program (CPP) and the Infrastructure Program (IP). The IP runs experts to help citizens in CPP. In this study, we tried to find the effects of CPP and IP.

Jobs (works) are defined as earning more (less) than 250,000 Korean Won per month. In this study, we focus on the employment effects of IP and six different CPPs in the year 2015. The budget for it was 14.2 billion won.

The number of jobs generated by the CSP was 741, and that of works was 2,106. This number seems huge. In particular, CPP had an enormous effect on creating jobs. One billion Won budgeted towards the CPP generated more than 160 jobs, which was about four times more than the final demand of the best job-creating industry. However, CPP mostly created low-paying jobs.

On the other hand, IP made just 114 jobs. Its labor inducement coefficient was 11.1, which means that 10 billion Korea Won allocated towards the IP program created about 11 jobs. This value is about the average of the labor inducement coefficient in Seoul, and far less than 160 of CPP. However, the IP created well-paid jobs.

The major difference in employment between the CPP and IP was working days. The typical jobs created by IP were full-time jobs that lasted for at least six months. Meanwhile, the typical jobs made by the CPP were part-time jobs lasting less than one month.



01 Introduction

1_Background and Purpose of the Study

2_Main Content and Research Methods

3_Definition of Job and Work


02 The Community Support Program in Seoul

1_Introductions to Community Support Program in Seoul

2_Citizen Proposal Program

3_Infrastructure Program


03 Jobs and Works of The Citizen Proposal Program

1_Data Structure and Analysis

2_Jobs and Works of The Citizen Proposal Program


04 Jobs and Works of The Infrastructure Program

1_Survey and Analysis

2_Jobs and Works of The Infrastructure Program


05 Conclusion