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MeTTA Forum

Table of Established Forum Program
13:30 ~ 13:35 Artist Insight I : Prologue
The Present _Seunghan Sung, Cellist
13:35 ~ 13:45 Opening Session _ Chair Ji-in Chang, Professor, Hongik University
Opening Remark(5’) _Changhyun Lee, President, the SI
Congratulatory Remark(15’) _Won Soon Park, Mayor of Seoul
13:45 ~ 14:35 How to Overcome Risks in Megacity
Keynote Address : Why do we need a Cosmopolitan Cooperation?(20’)
_Ulrich Beck,The University of Munich

Dialogue : The Challenge of Risk Society and Seoul Initiative(30’)
_Mayor of Seoul and Ulrich Beck
(Chair : Sang-Jin Han, Emeritus professor, Seoul National University)
14:35 ~ 14:45 VIP Photo Session
14:45 ~ 15:15 Presentation Session I.
[Risks in Asian Megacities and Solutions of Think Tanks]
Presentation I.) Megacity, Risk Society and the Role of Think Tank :
From Risk to Safe City (20’)
_Changhyun Lee, President, the SI

Presentation II.) Social Capital and Reduction of Disaster Risk (20’)
_Zhao Yandong, Director, Institute of Science, Technology and Society
Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development
15:15 ~ 15:30 Coffee Break
15:30 ~ 15:35 Artist Insight I : Prologue
Speeding Phenomena of Aura in Interspace _Soocheon Jheon, Artist
15:35 ~ 16:45 Presentation Session II
Beijing : Resource Risk and Environment and its Solution Strategy in Beijing
_Yiling Pan, Vice President Beijing Municipal Institute of City Planning and Design

Shanghai : Spatial Strategy for Metropolitan Shanghai in light of Innovation-driven and Transformational Development
_Zhang Yuxin, President, Shanghai Urban Planning and Design Research Institute

Singapore : Active Mobility for a Sustainable Singapore
_Limin Hee, Director, Center for Liveable Cities

Ho Chi Minh City : Challenges on HCMC Urban Transport and Land Use
_Tran Anh Tuan, Vice Director, Ho Chi Minh Institute for Development Studies
16:45 ~ 17:45 Discussion Session
[Risks of Asian Megacity and Role of Think Tanks]

_Chair MyungKoo Kang, Director. Seoul National University Asia Center
_Manhee Han Dean, International School of Urban Science,
University of Seoul Assistant Secretary General, CITYNETICLEI (Discussants)
17:45 ~ 17:55 Artist Insight III : Epilogue
1. Vessel embracing the sky
2. Vessel embracing the earth_Oksang Lim, Artist
18:00 ~ 18:30 MeTTA Declaration Ceremony
_Chair Prof. Ji-in Chang, Professor, Hongik University
- Megacity Think-Tank Alliance Declaration
- Seoul Declaration
  Photo session