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Establishing the Master Plan for Developing Civil Democracy in Seoul Metropolitan Government

Byeongsun JeongㆍWonsill HwangㆍHyunhye Cho

The Seoul Metropolitan Government set the basis for the realization of civic democracy in the 7th civil election. Under this stance, the Seoul Metropolitan Government intends to establish and implement a basic plan for civic democracy. The basic plan aims to shape various strategies that can contribute to the realization of civil democracy based on fact-finding surveys and analysis of planning tasks. The study aims to come up with policy measures necessary for establishing these basic plans for civil democracy.

In this study, civic democracy was conceptualized in three dimensions based on the preceding theories. Each is decentralized governance, associational governance, and deliberative governance. Based on this concept of civic democracy, the nature of the plan was defined, a fact-finding survey was conducted, and a diagnosis of the planned task was also conducted. In addition, after a continuous public discussion process, 20 pending issues were drawn up in the study, focusing on three areas.

In this study, the direction of planning was set based on the survey of planning conditions and the diagnosis of planning tasks, and the vision of planning was set. The vision of the plan was set as 'realization of sustainable citizens' government with the community' in consideration of various factors. In order to realize this vision in the mid- to long-term, three goals and seven strategies were drawn.

The goals of the plan specified in this study are as follows: i) structural advancement toward sustainable governance, ii) the establishment of a citizen participation and deliberation-friendly civic administration system, iii) Realization of community decentralization and governance-based citizen autonomy. Various strategies are required to achieve these objectives. Therefore, this study proposes the following seven strategies as a promotion strategy to be pursued in the 7th civil election. The study also presents conditions diagnosis, direction setting, and various measures to promote these seven strategies
- Creating a civil society ecosystem and enhancing vitality
- Strengthening the foundation and structural innovation to drive governance- based metropolitan government
- Administrative innovation for participatory administration and implementation of digital democracy
- Establishment of a Seoul-type deliberation system and public sphere
- Realization of a wider and deeper fiscal democracy
- Upgrading the structure to Community Governance 2.0
- Realization of village democracy and citizen autonomy