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Establishment and Utilization of Ecosystem Service Assessment in Seoul 

In-Ju SongㆍCho-Rong Yoon

Ecosystem services are ‘benefits of human-beings from ecosystem’. Main ecological assets to provide ecosystem services to citizens are forests, rivers, and small-scale greenbelt within downtown in metropolitan cities such as Seoul. As the city becomes more advanced and demands of citizens on pleasant urban environment are higher, values of urban ecosystem services become higher.

This study aimed to investigate the ecosystem assets in Seoul considering the characteristics of its downtown and to evaluate the evaluation system of ecosystem services upon its establishment. Assessment of ecosystem services in Seoul City was performed with the subjects of biotopes in the urban ecosystem status in Seoul (2015) to be able to deduct the results by small territories. 3 items of ‘providing service’, 5 items of ‘regulating service’, 5 items of ‘habitat and supporting service’, and 4 items of ‘cultural and amenity service’ were deducted and comprehensive evaluation system was established by items and service types. Upon the assessment results of ecosystem services, it was found that ecosystem service in suburb area where the forest was located was rated relatively higher, and also those in the areas with larger size of green belt such as green lot for park within the city, planting site of landscaping trees, and so on were rated high.