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How to Encourage the Use of Community Resources in Seoul Community Support Programs

Hyun-Chan AhnㆍYun-Jung ChoㆍHye-In Chae

Community resources, including time, services, materials, and cash donated by residents, are recognized as the substantial capacity and social capital of the local community. The Seoul Community Support Program(SCSP), which has become a major policy measure for local communities, has emphasized the importance of community resources in principle, but has not appreciated them in practice. This study aims to propose assessment criteria and rewards that are appropriate for community resources for SCSP. 
Based on the delphi-survey responses of 108 stakeholders, community resources in SCSP are categorized into four types(volunteer time, service, material, and cash) with 14 sub-types and the monetary value of each sub-type. The main results of applying the criteria to 2,357 community resources of 44 SCSP projects from the sample survey are as follows: 1) the community resourcing network is based on a Long-Tail structure and mutual aid: 2) the fact that the resulting resource value is 2.1 times the initial grants implies that local communities in Seoul are not dependent on public support. 
In conclusion, this study proposes to improve SCSP in the following ways: 1) adjusting the procedures to be able to assess community resources: 2) introducing non-financial rewards with proven efficacy from measuring as key outcomes to refunding partly to local voucher.