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Improved Designation and Operation of Care Workers Education Centre

Min-Suk Yoon ․ Jin-Young Moon

The care worker's education centre operates under a designated system based on specific qualification criteria, and is designated and supervised by the governors. We analysed the current status of designation and operation of education center and suggested plans for improvement based on a review of previous studies, case studies, opinions of practitioners and experts, and a survey of the education centre and care-givers.

Many education centres are operated by private companies (73.8%). It is difficult to continue the annual operation because the criteria for designation are ambiguous and without adequate evaluation system. Therefore, this study proposed specific criteria to determine the designation of a new education centre by estimating the demand for care workers compared with the number of care workers who have been actually working. 

In addition, the training guidelines proposed by the central government reflect the condition of Seoul alone, suggesting the need for improved guidelines for the diversification of classroom use, the realization of teaching tools and tuition standards, and the establishment of substantial curriculum. 

However, there is no system for the evaluation of care worker’s education centres. The evaluation is generally based on the assessment of social welfare facilities under the Social Welfare Act. Otherwise, the designated renewal system of long-term care institutions can be considered and in the long run certification systems may be contemplated. Currently, it is appropriate to set up an evaluation agency such as the Seoul Welfare Foundation or the Korean Accreditation Board of Nursing Education.

In the long run, the legal basis related to education centre is transferred to the Long-Term Care Insurance Act. As a more realistic alternative, an acting principal may be considered or the management entrusted to the Social Public Agency for Social Service, which is a public organization that provides care services entrusted to the private sector. A portion of the work may also be transferred to the education centre and autonomous districts with geographical accessibility. The management of the education centre may also be assigned to the Seoul Metropolitan Agency of Education.