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Improvement of the Spatial Information Policy in Seoul

Suk-Min LeeㆍHyung-Mi Yoon

The Seoul Metropolitan Government’s spatial information improves the efficiency of various administrative tasks and helps in policy decisions. However, the systematic maintenance of data and systems of spatial information, and the provision of user-centered spatial information data and services are deemed insufficient. In addition, the spatial information data of Seoul is not up to date and coherent, and its utilization is insufficient. Recently, there has been a lot of changes in the field of spatial information according to the construction of smart city. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a policy improvement plan for the activation of spatial information in Seoul.

The policy tasks and the implementation plan for improving the policy are as follows. In the data part, it is necessary to establish a renewal system, manage quality through standardization, and establish a basic spatial information database. To improve citizen services, it is necessary to strengthen the work related to spatial information system, integrate administrative information and spatial information, and integrate Seoul City’s map portal. In order to share spatial information and establish a cooperative system, it is necessary to link each system, revise ordinances and operate a spatial information council. In parallel with the establishment of smart cities for digital twin construction, enhance the construction, sharing, and updating of 3D spatial information.