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Introduction of MaaS(Mobility as a Service) Seoul

Hyukryul Yun, Kyungsang Yoo, Sangyun Hong, Hyeongyun Ki, Sehyun Park

Recently, automobile technology have developed and various transportation modes are appearing. Demand is increasing due to changes in traffic conditions. MaaS(Mobility as a Service) started in Europe according to the needs of citizens.

The SMG(Seoul Metropolitan Government) provides various traffic modes information and Integrated public transport fare system. The public transport infrastructure is well established. So MaaS-Seoul should provide based on public transportation by utilizing Seoul’s characteristics. Creation of a MaaS ecosystem and Participate as a member of MaaS.

The role of a SMG is personal information management system using block chain technology and data standardization. And provide services to disadvantaged groups and lack of public transportation service area. Establish a transportation system optimize social benefits. Finally, prepare to play a role in MaaS Korea platform.