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Message from the President

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The Seoul Institute will do its best to solve urban problems of Seoul and
suggest a new paradigm for urban management
to enhance the quality of life for Seoul citizens.

Welcome to The Seoul Institute!

The Seoul Institute analyzes major challenges that face the city. As a think-tank for the Seoul Metropolitan Government, we plan for the city’s future through studies of various current policies along with establishing mid- and long-term visions for Seoul.

Funded by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, The Seoul Institute was established as a comprehensive policy institute in 1992. We have systematically studied problems in various disciplines such as urban planning and design, housing, transportation, environment, safety and control, industrial economy, administration and finance, social policy, welfare, health, cultural tourism, gender and family, and education. Since these areas influence the lives of the city’s residents, viable policy alternatives are critical. While Seoul, as the capital of Korea, has been an icon of compressed growth in modern times, it now needs to become a city of social responsibility with a clean environment and a unique culture. We propose policy alternatives to improve life in qualitative terms, instead of simply quantitative indicators of urban growth. We also conduct research on urban infrastructure for citizens of Seoul.

We trust our website will serve as a medium for experts and citizens to share their opinions freely on the city policies. We look forward to your feedback and support.

President of The Seoul Institute
Wang Jin, Seo