Message from the President

The Seoul Institute will do its best to solve urban problems of Seoul and
suggest a new paradigm for urban management
to enhance the quality of life for Seoul citizens.

Welcome to the Seoul Institute!

President Kim Su Hyun

The Seoul Institute is a comprehensive research institute focused on urban policies. The Seoul Institute conducts a wide range of surveys and studies on a variety of urban concerns. The aim is to plan Seoul’s future with a medium- to long-term vision. Our research areas include social policies on welfare, culture, education and industries and urban policies on city planning, housing, transportation, and environment.

Seoul is the most successful case amongst the metropolis of developing countries. Despite being a city which experienced dramatic population growth, Seoul rapidly provided urban infrastructure and improved residential environment for its citizens. As a comprehensively specialized institution with around 20 years of history, the Seoul Institute has contributed in Seoul’s leap forward to becoming a major global city.

However, Seoul is now in a diff erent situation than before. Standardized approach to urban development will not work alongside our current slow growth economy, various social and political confl icts, and our citizens’ high expectation about their quality of life. Now is when we need a diff erent approach to public service and more imaginative urban policy.

The Seoul Institute will gather public opinions on-site. We will create a new vision of Seoul based on expert knowledge of years of experience as well as creative imagination. While interacting with other cosmopolitan cities and research institutions, we will also share our experiences with other developing countries. We will support Seoul’s current pursuit in aspects such as urban safety, creative economy, and welfare reassurance through policy development.

The Seoul Institute will do its utmost to make Seoul’s citizens happy and increase their quality of life.

We look forward to your advice and encouragement.

President of the Seoul Institute

Signature of Kim Su Hyun