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PLANNING FOR COMMUNITIES : Lessons from Seoul and Singapore

Hyunchan Ahn, Chang Yi, Jae-Seob Yang, Meekyong Song, Limin Hee, Remy Guo, Phua Shi Hui, Joshua Sim, Ruan Ningzhen, Koay Xin Yi, Alvin Pang


1. Introduction

2. Research Process

3. Urban Planning and Public Participation
• Urban Planning in Seoul
• Urban Planning in Singapore

4. Local Community Organisations
• Seoul: From Institutionalised Structures to Community-Led Initiatives
• Singapore: Public Housing Development and Community Building

5. From the Drawing Board to the Community: Participatory Planning Case Studies from Seoul and Singapore
• Town Level Rejuvenation 
- Seoul: Local Community Planning
- Seoul: Strategic Urban Regeneration Plan
- Singapore: Remaking our Heartland (ROH)
• Neighbourhood-Level Planning 
- Seoul: Dong-Level Community Planning
- Seoul: Residential Environment Management Program (REMP)
- Singapore: Neighbourhood Renewal Programme (NRP) and BOND! Pilot Project
• Major Developments in Existing Communities 
- Seoul: Gyeongui Line Forest Park
- Singapore: Rail Corridor
- Singapore: Our Tampines Hub (OTH)
• Community Participation and Ownership
- Seoul: Vibrant Community Center (VCC)
- Seoul: Namugunuel—Citizen Ownership of Community Spaces
- Singapore: Hello Neighbour—Social Linkway and Neighbourhood Incubator Project
- Singapore: Community Participatory Programmes

6. Planning for Communities, with Communities, by Communities:
Lessons from Seoul and Singapore

7. Conclusion: It Takes a Village to Plan a City— Towards Collaborative Planning Approaches

8. Bibliography and Image Credits