PLANNING FOR COMMUNITIES : Lessons from Seoul and Singapore


1. Introduction

2. Research Process

3. Urban Planning and Public Participation
• Urban Planning in Seoul
• Urban Planning in Singapore

4. Local Community Organisations
• Seoul: From Institutionalised Structures to Community-Led Initiatives
• Singapore: Public Housing Development and Community Building

5. From the Drawing Board to the Community: Participatory Planning Case Studies from Seoul and Singapore
• Town Level Rejuvenation 
- Seoul: Local Community Planning
- Seoul: Strategic Urban Regeneration Plan
- Singapore: Remaking our Heartland (ROH)
• Neighbourhood-Level Planning 
- Seoul: Dong-Level Community Planning
- Seoul: Residential Environment Management Program (REMP)
- Singapore: Neighbourhood Renewal Programme (NRP) and BOND! Pilot Project
• Major Developments in Existing Communities 
- Seoul: Gyeongui Line Forest Park
- Singapore: Rail Corridor
- Singapore: Our Tampines Hub (OTH)
• Community Participation and Ownership
- Seoul: Vibrant Community Center (VCC)
- Seoul: Namugunuel—Citizen Ownership of Community Spaces
- Singapore: Hello Neighbour—Social Linkway and Neighbourhood Incubator Project
- Singapore: Community Participatory Programmes

6. Planning for Communities, with Communities, by Communities:
Lessons from Seoul and Singapore

7. Conclusion: It Takes a Village to Plan a City— Towards Collaborative Planning Approaches

8. Bibliography and Image Credits

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