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A Planning Monitoring Study on the Community Plan of Seoul

Jae-Seob YangㆍSeon-Hui Nam

01 Introduction

1_Background and Purposes

2_Scope and Methodology


02 Understanding and On-going Progress of the Seoul Community Plan

1_Historical Background and Purposes

2_Organization and Contents

3_Planning Method and Resident Participation

4_An Overview of On-going Progress of the Plan


03 Monitoring the Planning Process of the Seoul Community Plan

1_Steps of the Planning Process

2_A Step of Preliminary Proposal and the Outset of Plan Making

3_A Step of Establishing the Sub-regional and Community Plan

4_A Step of Resident Participation and A Survey Analysis



04 Case Studies: Portland, Oregon and Nerima-gu, Toyko

1_The Local Development Plan of Nerima-gu, Tokyo in Japan

2_The Community Plan of the City of Portland, Oregon in the U.S.

3_Policy Implications


05 Issues and Tasks in the Planning Process of the Seoul Community Plan

1_Status and Role of the Plan

2_Uniformity of Planning Contents

3_Role of Local Governments and Authority of Master Planners

4_Representativeness of Resident Participation Groups and Management of Public Workshops

5_Consistency of Planning Process


06 Conclusions and Suggestions

1_Summary and Conclusions

2_Policy Suggestions