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A Policy for Spread of Living Wage in Private Sectors

Bong ChoiㆍJung Hyun-Chul

01 Introduction

1_Background and Purpose of the Study

2_Contents and Research Methods


02 Current State of the Living Wage

1_ High Awareness of Living Wage and its Importance to Seoul Citizens

2_Living Wage is mainly introduced in the Public Sectors

3_Enforcement or Introduction scheduled for a Living Wage in the 23 Municipalities of Seoul

4_In Private Sectors, the Living Wage has not yet spread


03 Case Study of Living Wages in the U.K.(London)

1_The Introduction of a Living Wage in the U.K. is led by Citizen’s Group

2_Living Wage of The U.K. is divided into London and Other Regions

3_Organizations that led a Living Wage of The U.K.(London)


04 The Policy for Spread of Living Wages in Private Sectors

1_Establishing the Basic Policy Directions

2_The Details of Strategy

3_The role of Related Organizations