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Proposals for Cooperation of Science and Technology between Seoul and Pyongyang

Hak-Moon ByunㆍYoung-Duk Kwon


This study aims to establish basic data on Pyongyang that Seoul should know for exchange and cooperation with the city. For this purpose, this study analyzes and compiles recent changes in Pyongyang stemming from North Korea’s science and technology policy by scrutinizing official documents, press reports, and propaganda videos of North Korea.

The study shows that Pyongyang has quickly changed into a symbolic city of science and technology-oriented policy of North Korea since Kim Jong-un became the supreme power. Now Pyongyang is the center of science and technology education. It is the representative city of the preferential policy for scientists and the leading city of economic development based on science and technology. It is also the model city for spreading eco-friendly technologies.

This study also suggests that cooperation of science and technology between Seoul and Pyongyang is essential for the co-prosperity of the two cities. Finally, this study proposes agenda items and future research projects for Seoul to cooperate with Pyongyang through science and technology.



01 Research Overview

1_Background and Purpose

2_Research Methods and Main Contents


02 North Korea’s Science and Technology-Focused Policy

1_Kim Jong-un’s Vision of Science and Technology Power

2_Major Policies Related to Science and Technology


03 Changes in Pyongyang by Science and Technology Policy

1_The Central City of Science and Technology Education

2_The Symbolic City of the Preferential Policy for Scientists

3_The City Leading Economic Development Based on Science and Technology

4_The Model City for Spreading Clean Technologies


04 Cooperation of Science and Technology with Pyongyang

1_The Need for Cooperation of Science and Technology

2_Proposals for Cooperation of Science and Technology