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Rationalization of Bus Fares and Standard Cost of Transportation Based on Bus in Seoul

Ki-Jung AhnㆍHyeon-Gyun Ki

Buses have faced the limit of the increase in the number of bus transporters since 10 years after the public transport system was reorganized. Seoul’s bus fare system is unified and cannot reflect the diverse needs of citizens. Due to the integrated fare system, the average fare per person for a bus is less than the transportation cost. For this reason, about 300 billion won is paid annually to subsidize. In this study, the introduction of various fare systems was reviewed. 
The flexible fare system was analyzed to have low social acceptance. It is necessary to consider introducing a commuter pass and a public transportation membership system in order to increase the use of public transportation. In terms of securing the safety of city buses, it was determined that the comprehensive cost system for each item would be appropriate. In addition, we seek ways to reduce the size of subsidy according to the scale of economy.