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Road Conditions in Seoul for the 3rd New City Traffic Improvement Measures

Sang-Hyun Hong · Jin-Hak Lee

As 140,000 vehicles enter Seoul at the peak hour, the metropolitan roads, as well as the inner roads and bus lanes in Seoul, are crowded. Moreover, the current government has not considered the road conditions in Seoul for traffic measures in accordance with the 3rd new city supply plan; therefore, a review is needed. A plan is under consideration to allow metropolitan passengers to access Seoul through a transfer at the city boundary, but in this case, a transit time of at least 24 minutes for one transfer is expected to be reduced to the 18% level. As the traffic volume of buses entering the city of Seoul is reduced, the travel time of buses in the city can be partially improved, but the overall travel time reduction will occur in Seoul in the coming time.
Therefore, it is necessary to plan to reduce the travel time centring on the Goyangpa main axis (Goyang Changneung) and the Incheon Bucheon axis (Incheon Gyeyang/Namyang Joo Wangsuk) with long travel time. In addition, due to the introduction of a dedicated lane, there is a need to improve the facilities for the ramp part in a situation where traffic congestion is inevitable due to the occurrence of a shift as a result of change in the bus lane.