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Role Research of Autonomous District for Securing Walk Space of Community Road

Shin-Hae LeeㆍJee Eun Jang


In Seoul, many policies that related to walking environment for making a campaign, ‘Seoul, walking city’, are come out, however, there is a continuous comment that the policy of Seoul city is divorced from actual live in terms of the space which is mostly walk is a community road. Also, there is not enough walk space at community road with the existing traffic policy that a vehicle has priority.



01 Introduction

1_Background and Purpose

2_Contents and Methods


02 Current Status of Pedestrian Space Management in Community Roads

1_Definition of Community Roads

2_Current Status and Problems of Community Roads

3_Case Study of Pedestrian Space Management


03 Current Road Management System and Role of Autonomous District

1_Road Management System of Seoul City

2_Case Study of Role Allocation of Central, and District Administrative Organs in Transportation Section

3_Role of Autonomous District at Road Management System


04 Devise a Management Plan of Community Roads on Focal Pedestrian Space

1_Construct Database of Community Roads for Autonomous District Community Roads Management

2_Program a Management Plan of Community Roads on Focal Pedestrian Space


05 Maintenance Plan for Securing Pedestrian Spaces

1_Reflect the General Plan of Autonomous District

2_Switch-over Walking Environment Project of Autonomous District to on Community Roads

3_Necessity Securing Financial Resources for Continuous Security Pedestrian Space