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Setting up a list of Urban Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) Indicators in the Seoul Metropolitan Area

KoUn KimㆍInchol ShinㆍYoon-Hye YiㆍMook-Han KimㆍSang-Il Kim ㆍMiree ByunㆍShinhae LeeㆍKwonjoong Cho and Hang-Moon Cho

This paper aims to form a list of Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs hereafter) Indicators. The selected indicators are aimed to assist the Seoul Metropolitan government by depicting the progress in its policies and projects and, as a result, to inform citizens and policy communities about the SDGs implementation in Seoul. Case studies and documentary analysis are presented as a key methodology to frame the strategy for listing up a set of Seoul’s SDGs indicators. The set of criteria on how to select Seoul’s SDGs indicators are enlisted: 1) relevance of indicators to the given 2017’s targets; 2) data-related criteria including data integrity, usability and comparability and; 3) SDGs-related criteria including localisation, coordination with the UN framework and linkages with the current and future urban and national policies respectively. 
A process of indicator development includes four stages: 1) an analysis of goals and localized targets of Seoul SDGs 2030; 2) a pooling of indicator candidates, recommended by experts; 3) marking the indicator candidates through an expert dephi analysis and; 4) final review of the indicator list led by the research team with three consultation meeting. This paper presents the suggestions of 126 Seoul’s SDGs indicators. The details of the follow-up and utilisation the proposed list of SDGs indicators complete the paper.