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Social Service Innovation in the New Normal Era

Kwonjoong Choh

As social distance policies are conducted globally because of the Corona pandemic, social services that support citizens’ living have been temporarily interrupted, as such services were new to the delivery system. The efforts to restore social services have been normalized in the New Normal period, and changing to a new social service delivery system by accepting digital social innovation. Face-to-face aggregate services are transitioning to untact and personalized services. Social services that accommodate digital innovation, even if the situation of social distancing is resolved, is expected to be integrated into the social service system. The purpose of this study was to investigate the process of resilience of social services in the New Normal era of social disasters. As a result, we were investigating the direction of the innovation of social services.

We investigated and suggest the innovations of social services through this study. The main component is divided into social security direction, service delivery system, community, digital conversion, and crisis response field. To expand social security, it is primarily to guarantee the concept for meeting various desires in daily life with the reinforcement of universal social service. The demand-centric service should be accompanied with the personalized service in the reorganization of the delivery system. And, the direction of the service should be provided with a comprehensive and integrated provision. The gap problem of social service benefits should be resolved. And we propose the issue of rebuilding issues of the community space with the social service facility, including the direction of strengthening community-based social services. Digital capabilities such as systemic maintenance for digital based services, content, platforms are important. In the service delivery system, system, supplier, and users’ issues should be presented in the digitization of social services.

The New Normal means the normalization of the pandemic crisis. The crisis response system should be emphasized for protection for safe facilities. And, we promote disaster management for socially reinforced resilience with the community of a collaborative system.