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A Study about Conception and Policy on the Basic Income

Kwonjoong ChohㆍSangmi ChoiㆍDongyeol Jang


The issues on basic income have been widely spread in the academic and policy study area since late 2016. This study attempts to explain the conception of basic income in the social security system. The need for research on basic income is accompanied with examination of basic concepts, theoretical discussion, policy issues, characteristics of cases and applicability.


Basic income is a basic right for a citizen to live a happy life. In the strict meaning, the basic income is defined as “a regular income paid in cash to every individual member of a society, irrespective of income from other sources and with no strings attached.” The basic income has been raised from an important dimension of universal citizenship implementation. Hence it should be examined in relation to the existing social security system. The basic income could be applied in terms of cash benefits for young people and middle-aged people who are poorly supported and guaranteed in the social security system composed of public assistance programs and social insurance.


The principle of selectivity that public support program must consider those who need welfare support as a premise in the social security system is in conflict with the universality principle of basic income such as unconditional cash support. In case of policy introduction, social experiment is needed to verify the expected effect, and it is necessary to consider the practical applicability in relation to the existing system. The financial burden of adopting basic income tends to diminish the fundamental meaning of basic income when applied to a limited scope. The policy realization of 'unconditional basic income' is difficult in the present welfare system, but its purpose can be positively reviewed.




01 Introduction

1_The Purpose of Study

2_Main Contents and Research Methods


02 The Conception of Basic Income and its Various Forms

1_What is the Basic Income?

2_The Various Forms of Basic Income


03 Case Studies of Basic Income

1_Foreign Cases of Basic Income Policies

2_Similar Cases of Basic Income in Korea


04 Issues on the Basic Income

1_Major Issues on the Basic Income

2_Supports and Critiques


05 The Basic Income and Social Security System in Korea

1_The Contents of Social Security System

2_Life-Cycle Perspective

3_The Basic Income in the Social Security System

06 Seoul Basic Income Proposal

1_Seoul Models of Basic Income

2_Scenario and Financial Requirements


07 Concluding Remarks

1_Universality and Selectivity in Welfare

2_Prospect on the Basic Income