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A Study on the Activation and Efficient Implementation Strategy for the Cityscape Project․Cityscape Agreement

Hyun-Chan Bahk ‧ OH Ji-yeon

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has been steadily pushing for the cityscape project․cityscape agreement since 2009 based on the Landscape Act. Nevertheless, the project cost was low and the government’s administrative organization lacked expertise, so it was implemented with small-scale projects such as improving the residential alley and the streetscape. As a result, the project has not made any significant differences. Therefore, it is necessary to present strategies for activating the cityscape Project․cityscape Agreement and improving the efficiency.

The objective of this study was to analyze the performance and limitations of the cityscape project․cityscape agreement that have been implemented and to suggest improvement Schemes.

The status of implementation of the cityscape project․cityscape agreement was analyzed and improvement tasks drawn through surveys of users and government employees. In addition, implications were derived through an advanced case analysis.

The improvement measures were presented separately by expanding the scope of the project, implementing the system for efficient implementation, improving recognition, and strengthening of management.