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A Study on the Activation of Demonstration Project for the Realization of Test-bed City Seoul

Bong ChoiㆍHyun-Chul Jung

The study aims to understand the operation status of various demonstration support projects conducted at various places and to find ways to develop the Test-bed Seoul Demonstration Support Project, a representative demonstration support project.
In the public sector, testbeds utilized to achieve a wide range of goals such as industrial development, regional development, innovation-led growth, and improve public services. Recently, the creation of demonstrative social values has been emphasized, and the importance of demonstrating public sector evidence to provide benefits to citizens in line with this trend is gradually increasing.
The largest demonstration support project in Seoul is the Test-Bed Seoul Demonstration Support Project. Seoul Metropolitan Government, the Seoul Institute of Technology, and the Seoul Business Agency are participating in the Test-Bed Seoul Demonstration Support Project. The project to foster high-tech industries, including technologies related to the 4th Industrial Revolution, has achieved economic results worth 116.6 billion won over the past two years.
The Test-bed Seoul Demonstration Support Project is characterized by efforts to commercialization of innovative products after the end of project. The big advantage of this project is that companies can show their own demonstration to buyers directly in Seoul. However, companies with experience in participate in the project said that it was regrettable that support after insufficient the project and difficulty in establishing continuous relationships with sources of demand.
In order for Seoul to become a test-bed city, it is necessary to establish the direction of the demonstration support project and advance the Test-bed Seoul Demonstration Support Project. In order to establish the direction of the project, short-, mid-, long-term plans should be established and implemented, and the targets of support need to be clarified. It should also consider the scalability of the project and suggest ways to improve citizens' response. In order to upgrade the test bed Seoul demonstration support project, it is necessary to establish a solid status of the Test-bed Seoul Demonstration Support Project. And, it is necessary to divide the project stage into stages of three (selection, conduction, post-management and outcome utilization), and to find key tasks and derive improvement plans for the current project in consideration of key stakeholders.