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A Study of Developing Disasters and Incidents Scenarios Based on Emergency Responses

Jong-Seok WonㆍSang-Gyoon Kim


The properties of disaster such as impossible prediction, complexity and changeability make its effects on people and property devastating. A scenario is practical for this case because it provides a realistic simulation and enables actors to monitor weaknesses in the emergency response system. We investigated and analyzed the current state of disaster scenarios, the cases of disaster scenarios, and the usability of related materials and data.

In the Seoul Metropolitan Government(SMG), disaster scenarios are depicted in manuals and exercises. However these approach lacks reality, scientific method, and linkage.

In cases of advanced usage, disaster scenarios are developed using a systematic, data-based, goal evaluation oriented, and exercise adjustable method. This method contributes effectiveness to the emergency response system.

From usability perspective, disaster scenarios can comprise data of occurrences and vulnerability with effective response resources. The data has statistics, report, white paper and geospatial attributes.

We proposed elements of a disaster scenario in Seoul. Those include actors’ procedures, situation setting, regional hazard estimation, monitoring goal, and timeline matching. Our investigation has led us to the following conclusions.

i) SMG should make “the smart exercise and training system” based on disaster scenarios elements.

ii) SMG should develop advanced manuals with systematic and sensible visualization and diagramming.

iii) SMG should make first witness citizen’s manuals with brief contents and comprehensible pictures.

iv) SMG should develop disaster scenarios for prevention or restoration in the future.



01 Introduction

1_Background and Purpose of the Study

2_Main Contents and Research Methods


02 The Current State of Disaster Scenarios in Seoul

1_The Foundation of Disaster Scenarios

2_The Current State and Review of the Manuals

3_The Current State of Exercises

4_The Survey of Those in Charge



03 The Cases of Disaster Scenarios in Advanced Use

1_Overseas Developing and Operating Cases

2_Domestic Research Cases



04 The Usability of Data and Materials for a Disaster Scenario Developing

1_The Outline of Data and Materials of the Study

2_General Statistics and Vulnerability Data

3_Core Response data

4_Review of Data and Materials for a Disaster Scenario


05 The Elements of a Disaster Scenario in Seoul

1_Outline of Elements of a Disaster Scenario in Seoul

2_Definition of Elements of a Disaster Scenario in Seoul


06 Directions and Implementation of a Disaster Scenario in Seoul

1_Directions of a Disaster Scenario in Seoul

2_Implementation of a Disaster Scenario in Seoul