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A Study of Development Plan for the Management System of Public Investment Projects of Seoul

Joo, Jae-HongㆍYoun, Hyung-HoㆍWoo, Sang-MiㆍBan, Dong-Inㆍ Kim, Byung-SuㆍSim, Hyo-Sub


The Seoul Metro Government is trying to build and improve the public investment management system. In particular, the investment appraisal system was introduced in 1992 for local government, and it is conducting assessment and feasibility of project necessity before developing a budget. In addition, S-PIMs was established in 2012 and has taken a role of investment advise, feasibility studies, the others feasibility’s validation, also about PFI (Private Finance Investment) projects same as well.


The purpose of this study is to diagnose performance and problems of Seoul’s public investment management system over the past five years and to suggest future development plans. This study can be divided into three parts. The first part examines issues and problems of the public investment management system of Seoul by means of statistics, surveys, literature review, etc. The second part, studies performance and problems after being divided into fiscal finance investment and private finance investment of public investments. Finally, we suggest each development plan based on the study results of performance and problems, including thoughts about development of S-PIMs.



01 Introduction

1_Background and Purpose of Study

2_Main Contents and Methods of Study


02 Status Analysis about the Management System of Public Investment Projects of Seoul

1_Status of the Central and Seoul Government’s Investment Management System

2_Analysis of the Public Investment Appraisal System of Seoul Government

3_Analysis of the Private Investment of Seoul Government

4_Analysis of the Operational Status and Performance of S-PIMs

5_Surveys on the Public and Private Management System of Seoul Government


03 Management System of Public Investment Projects, and Improvement Plan

1_Status of the Management System of Public Investment in Local Governments

2_Operation Status of Local Public Investment Management Centre

3_Governance Structure of Investment Appraisal System

4_Improvement Plan of the Public Management System


04 Management System of the Private Investment Projects in Seoul, and Improvement Plan

1_Analysis of the Private Investment Projects of Korea and Foreign Countries

2_Analysis of the Private Investment Projects in Seoul Government

3_Improvement Plan of Management System of Private Investment Projects


05 The Roles and Improvement Plan of S-PIMs


2_Analysis of the Survey Result

3_The Roles of S-PIMs

4_Improvement Plan of S-PIMs