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A Study on the Development of Seoul-style Deliberative Democracy Model

Byeongsun JeongㆍWonsill Hwang

In order to establish the  civil deliberation model, this study will examine four aspects: model specification, construction of deliberate infrastructure, model project, and institutional support system. First, in order to embody the Seoul-style deliberative democracy model, an operation system was established according to types, procedural principles, and deliberation model. First of all, four types of civic  model were derived: social problem solving type, conflict management solution type, public planning type, and special purpose type (specialized type). We have established the universal procedural principles needed to realize public deliberation. Seoul-type civic deliberation considers ① the principle of political equality, ② the principle of openness and inclusiveness, and ③ the principle of deliberation. It is also necessary to carefully consider the main operating factors in applying the deliberation model to the actual deliberation program. Next, in order to establish a face-to-face and online-based deliberation infrastructure, ① as a face-to-face-based leading deliberation infrastructure, the Seoul Citizens’ Council (tentative name) was established and operated. We will redefine the function and operation system as a deliberation model beyond the current civil petition function, and build a leading platform for citizens at various spatial levels to support the model of citizens from the front and back. Third, based on the Seoul-based deliberation model and institutional infrastructure proposed above, the following effective model projects will be promoted. Major model projects include ① introduction and operation of the Seoul S-Speak / S-Decide program, ② operation of the project in conjunction with the Citizen’s Housing Budget, and ③ cooperation with the community. Lastly, to establish an institutional support system for vitalizing deliberative democracy, ① the establishment and operation of the Seoul Citizens’ Deliberation Committee (tentative name), which leads the Seoul public sphere, ② amendment of related regulations supporting deliberative democracy, ③ reinforcement of civil deliberative capacity Three specific measures were prepared, including installation and operation of educational programs.