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A Study on the Diagnosis of Governance and Improvement Plan of Civil Safety Governance in Seoul

Lee Sukmin, Yoon Hyungmi

Due to the nature of disaster management, the importance of the civil safety governance in which civil society participates has recently been emphasised, as all activities are determined not only by the role of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, but also by the efforts of various members of society. Participating organisations that make up Seoul's civic safety governance include the Seoul Volunteer Center, CAIND (Citizen-Corps-Active-In-Disaster), the Safety Sheriff, Seoul Citizen Safety Guard, and the Korean Red Cross. Looking at the roles and relationships of the Seoul Metropolitan Government and these participating organisations, while activities are being carried out according to the roles of each participating organisation, the establishment of a cooperative network through practical connection and operation with the Seoul Metropolitan Government is evaluated to be insufficient. Therefore, this study examines the current types of participation in civic safety governance in Seoul according to the disaster management stage, examines the current status and operational status of disaster management, and proposes policy measures to strengthen the role of disaster management activities.
To establish cooperative civil safety governance, it is necessary to clarify the roles played by participating organisations and improve guidance for activities during both normal times and disasters. Education and training should also be conducted to strengthen the expertise of each participating Civil Society Organisation. To support efficient field activities between participating Civil Society Organisation, an online platform should be established so that information can be shared. Finally, the legal system should be improved to increase the efficiency of civil safety governance operation.