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A Study on the Establishment and Utilization of Cyber-physical System Supporting Smart Cities in Seoul

Suk-Min LeeㆍHyung-Mi Yoon

Since 2018, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has established a smart city Seoul strategic plan and has been pushing for smart projects to solve urban problems such as urban planning, transportation, safety, the environment, and the economy in various areas. In order to support these smart city projects, the Smart City Policy department started to conduct projects on the use of high-tech technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and three-dimensional spatial information. 
Recently, the establishment of a cyber-physical system has emerged as a major issue for effectively supporting the smart city. Cyber-physical system is a new paradigm that seeks convergence between the real world and the virtual world, and it is a bi-directional system that interacts with various urban information such as IoT, CCTV, and various sensors.
In this study, the concept, role, composition of cyber-physical systems was examined. Through this, it was intended to explore the implementation tasks and utilization measures necessary for the establishment and operation of the cyber-physical system of Seoul Metropolitan Government. In addition, we reviewed the new features and roles of spatial information required in the construction of cyber-physical systems.
A cyber-physical system construction model was proposed as a result of this major research, linking major platforms and utilization departments in Seoul, improving organizations and legal systems, and building 3D spatial information data.