A Study on the Promotion Strategy and Specialization Plan of R&D in Seoul


There is a serious concern that Seoul’s R&D capacity is weakening. Regional R&D investment is one of the fundamental ingredients in boosting up long-term regional productivity and ultimately economic development. However, national shares of R&D investments and human resources in Seoul have been decreased since late 2000s. It is about time to make sustainable R&D policies for Seoul’s long-term economic prosperity.


Key regional R&D indicators were analyzed to evaluate Seoul’s regional R&D capacity. Seoul maintains its dominant position in university R&D, but is losing its ground in R&D in industry and in government. Seoul’s R&D programs have been experienced significant budget cuts, while R&D investments from private and public sectors have been increased gradually.


Stakeholders in university-industry-government were interviewed to draw policy demands and implications in the field of R&D. Although there were some unique demands in all three domains, two key issues of Seoul’s R&D policy were identified. First, uncertainties in Seoul’s R&D policy should be addressed by establishing long-term R&D visions and plans. Second, a variety of R&D policy demands except direct public R&D investment exists at the pre-and post-R&D stages, including R&D planning, commercialization, and business development.

Three policy directions in R&D policy of Seoul were suggested. First, R&D tasks in Seoul should be systemized into a coherent R&D policy system. Second, instead of supporting R&D projects by itself, Seoul should be involved in and take a leading role in the current R&D ecosystem. Third, policy mix strategy should be adopted to make R&D policies more effective, and eventually to cope with various R&D demands from different stakeholders better.



01 Introduction

1_Background and Purpose

2_Main Contents and Research Methods


02 The Importance of R&D in Regional Economy and the Role of Industry-University-Government

1_A Review on the Importance of Public R&D

2_Changing Trends of R&D

3_Triple Helix Model of Regional Innovation Capacity: Industry-University-Government


03 An Analysis of Seoul’s Capacity of R&D and Innovation

1_A Phase Shift in Seoul’s Capacity of R&D and Innovation

2_An Analysis of Capacities of Industry-University-Government by Sectors


04 Current States of R&D Governance and Infrastructure in Seoul

1_Current States of R&D Governance in Seoul

2_Current States of R&D Infrastructure in Seoul

3_Current States of Industry-University-Government Hybrid Organizations in Seoul


05 An Analysis of R&D Policies and Policy Suggestions for Seoul

1_Changing R&D Policies of the Central Government

2_Current R&D Policies and National R&D Performance Characteristics in Seoul

3_A Diagnosis of Seoul’s R&D Capacities and Issues

4_Policy Suggestions for Seoul



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