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A Study on Risk Assessment Technique for Prevention of Road Traffic Accident

Hong, Sang YeonㆍChung, Jae Hoon

Current traffic accident improvement projects have been conducted in a way that suggest improvement measures, such as traffic safety facilities installation and signal operation adjustment, for the traffic accidents black spots. However, the suggested measures are to be fundamentally retroactive since the inputs are the traffic accident data that has already occurred.
In order to determine the risk for potential traffic accidents, it is essential to understand traffic accidents within the context of social environment. Traffic accidents are not only influenced by the traffic system, but also by the complex relationship between land use and activities of people on them. Even if there is not a lot of actual traffic accidents, it is necessary to prevent them by taking proactive measures against accidents where they are likely to take place, taking into consideration the traffic conditions and social environment as well.
In this research, we present a traffic accident risk assessment model which takes into account the traffic system, social environment and human activity together.
As a result of the research, the effect of the traffic accident factors on traffic accidents was different for each administrative region. It was also found to be influenced by the traffic systems, social environment and human activity.