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Survey of 2021 Taxi Service Satisfaction

Hyukryul Yun, Hyeongyun Kim Yeongbeom Kim

Taxi service customer satisfaction was also conducted targeting 4,000 Seoul corporations and individual taxi users to use them as basic data for identifying the status and problems of taxi services and setting improvement directions. A taxi driver perception survey was conducted on 512 taxi drivers.

As a result of the overall satisfaction calculation in 2021, the total score was 82.4 points, an increase of 0.3 points compared to 2020. Satisfaction levels have been continuously increasing since 2011, indicating that taxi services are continuously improving. As a result of the satisfaction survey on the level of taxi service used on the day of the survey, it was found to be 82.4 points. It was found that citizens frequently use Seoul taxis for short/medium-distance essential travel. It appears that the method of use is changing towards platform taxis.

As a result of a survey on perceptions of Seoul citizens, it was found that taxis were used for short/medium distance travel. It was found that the use method was mainly using the platform taxi. The most disliked part about taxi drivers when using a taxi was 'reckless driving' and 'refusal to ride' at 20.6%, respectively. The use of platform taxis is continuously increasing, and it has been shown that men place relatively high importance on safety in addition to convenience of use because of the convenience of use. Satisfaction with Seoul's policies is at a high level of 3.37 out of 5.

Satisfaction with the job of a taxi driver was found to be low at 2.59 points as a result of a 5-point scale, indicating that efforts to increase income are necessary.