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A Survey of Social Ventures in Seoul and the Policy Suggestion

Jaeuk JuㆍDalho ChoㆍJongjin Yun

The purpose of this study is to identify the actual conditions of social ventures in Seoul and to suggest policy measures for Seoul City to develop social venture ecosystem. From the existing research literature, the concept of social venture, history, domestic and external background, and various theories explaining ecosystem surrounding social venture were introduced. In addition, contents of main social venture activity and growth process And social innovators, and conducted surveys on social ventures in Seoul to investigate various types of factors such as corporate type, social mission, location factors, corporate management, and social issues. Finally, Seoul, and the central government.

Considering the characteristics of these social ventures, Seoul needs to establish the following policy directions. First, it is desirable to extend the policy scope of the social economic support system of Seoul in consideration of the trend of recent social venture development, which is handled within the existing institutional framework of social economy in institutional aspect. Second, social ventures should evolve to promote ecosystem diversity by considering characteristics and developmental models of cluster sites. Third, for the sustainable development of the social venture ecosystem, differentiated policy support infrastructures should be prepared according to different growth stages beyond the stage of establishment and incubation. Fourth, in the mid- to long-term, the government should concentrate on expanding social capital in order to expand the social economy including social venture.