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Urban Monitoring Center

Research Areas

Urban and Regional Planning

  • Analysis of and forecast for the urban structure and land use changes
  • Urban management system and implementation strategies
  • Growth management of Seoul metropolitan area
  • Strategies for balanced development, inter-regional cooperation and co-prosperity

Housing Policies

  • Management of housing supply and demand
  • Policies on housing stability and national rental housing for low-income households
  • Housing maintenance projects and settlement of original inhabitants in urban renewal areas

Urban Renewal

  • Renewal and regeneration strategies of deteriorated residential areas
  • Regeneration and new community development for urban neighborhood
  • Implementation strategies of new town projects
  • Creation of diverse urban redevelopment methods

Urban Design

  • Improvement and revitalization of pedestrian environments
  • Management and maintenance of the urban landscape
  • Planning and management of large-scale development projects
  • Preservation and conservation of historical areas and cultural heritage
Position Name Research Area Phone E-mail
Director/Senior Research Fellow Miree Byun Futurology, Information Society, Research Methodology +82-2-2149-1303 이메일 보내기 아이콘
Senior Research Fellow Sang-Il Kim Urban Planning, Urban Development +82-2-2149-1089 이메일 보내기 아이콘
Research Fellow KiJung Ahn Transportation Industry, Transportation Demand Management +82-2-2149-1097 이메일 보내기 아이콘
Research Fellow Min-Gyu Lee China's Foreign Policy, Inter-Korean Relations, City Diplomacy, South Korea-China Relations +82-2-2149-1121 이메일 보내기 아이콘
Associate Research Fellow Sanghyeon Kim Urban Sociology, Big Data, Research Methodology +82-2-2149-1380 이메일 보내기 아이콘
Associate Research Fellow Geumsun Byun Social Welfare Policy, Youth Policy, Longitudinal research +82-2-2149-1136 이메일 보내기 아이콘
Associate Research Fellow Youngjin Woo Regional Economics, Industrial Analysis +82-2-2149-1109 이메일 보내기 아이콘