Department of Safety and Environment Research

The Department of Safety and Environment Research investigates new methods that make Seoul a safer and more pleasant city to live in. It conducts studies on design criteria responding to risks that include climate change and the improvement of safety in daily life. In addition, the department develops various policy studies to create a greener and cleaner Seoul in which people and nature exist in perfect harmony.

Research Areas


  • Safety in society
  • Flood prevention
  • Safety from slope damage
  • Safety in facilities

Climate and Energy

  • Decreasing energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency
  • Seeking new renewable energy sources
  • Climate change adaptation


  • Environment governance
  • City park and urban agriculture
  • Air quality management
  • Water resource management and water cycle
  • Waste recycling

safty and environment

Position Name Research Area Phone E-mail
Director/ Research Fellow Sang-Young Shin Urban Planning, Disaster Management, Urban Information +82-2-2149-1293
Senior Research Fellow Woon-Soo Kim Environmental Planning and Management, Mathematical Optimization, Climate Change Mitigation +82-2-2149-1155
Senior Research Fellow Young-Ran Kim Water & Wastewater Treatment, Water Management +82-2-2149-1159
Senior Research Fellow Yong-Mo Cho Waterworks Management, Water Quality Management +82-2-2149-1154
Senior Research Fellow Hang-Moon Cho Energy Planning, Energy Management +82-2-2149-1158
Research Fellow Min Kyeong Kim Environment Architecture, Building Energy +82-2-2149-1046
Research Fellow Won-Ju Kim Environmental Landscape Architecture, Park System +82-2-2149-1160
Research Fellow Yoon-Shin Bae Geotechnical Disaster Prevention, Geotechnical Engineering +82-2-2149-1087
Research Fellow In-Ju Song Urban Ecology, Landscape Planning +82-2-2149-1165
Research Fellow Jong-Seok Won GIS, Safety System, Hydrogeology +82-2-2149-1299
Research Fellow Suk-Min Lee GIS, Geology, Disaster Prevention +82-2-2149-1302
Research Fellow Yu-Jin Choi Air quality management, Indoor air quality management +82-2-2149-1182
Associate Research Fellow KoUn Kim Environmental Policy, Governance, Sustainable Development and International Development and Cooperation +82-2-2149-1485
Associate Research Fellow In Chang Hwang Environmental Economics, Climate Policy, Energy Policy +82-2- 2149-1096