Department of Urban Planning and Design Research

The Department of Urban Planning and Design Research studies policies to establish future-oriented urban space planning and sustainable urban infrastructure to enhance the quality of urban and residential environments in Seoul. It seeks strategies to improve residential areas and create new amenity spaces for citizens.

Research Areas

Urban and Regional Planning

  • Analysis of and forecast for the urban structure and land use changes
  • Urban management system and implementation strategies
  • Growth management of Seoul metropolitan area
  • Strategies for the balanced development and inter-regional cooperation and co-prosperity

Housing Policies

  • Management of housing supply and demand
  • Policies on housing stability and national rental housing for low-income households
  • Housing maintenance projects and settlement of original inhabitants in urban renewal areas

Urban Renewal

  • Renewal and regeneration strategies of deteriorated residential areas
  • Regeneration and new community development for urban neighborhood
  • Implementation strategies of new town projects
  • Creation of diverse urban redevelopment methods

Urban Design

  • Improvement and revitalization of pedestrian environments
  • Management and maintenance of the urban landscape
  • Planning and management of large-scale development projects
  • Preservation and conservation of historical areas and cultural heritage

Urban Planning

Position Name Research Area Phone E-mail
Director/ Senior Research Fellow Sang-Il Kim Urban Planning, Urban Development +82-2-2149-1089
Senior Research Fellow Young-Duk Kwon Urban Planning, Urban Renewal +82-2-2149-1088
Senior Research Fellow Sun-Wung Kim Urban Planning, Urban Economics +82-2-2149-1054
Senior Research Fellow Inhee Kim Urban Planning, Urban Design +82-2-2149-1044
Senior Research Fellow Hyun-Chan Bahk Urban Design +82-2-2149-1070
Senior Research Fellow Jae-Seob Yang Urban Planning and Management, Urban Regeneration, Public Participation +82-2-2149-1049
Senior Research Fellow Joo-Il Lee Spatial Structure, Growth Management, Metropolitan Planning, Climate Change +82-2-2149-1085
Research Fellow Tae-Hyun Kim Urban Planning, Urban Renewal +82-2-2149-1307
Research Fellow Da-Mi Maeng Urban & Regional Planning, Urban Regeneration +82-2-2149-1178
Research Fellow Seung Hyun Min Urban Design & Development +82-2-2149-1254
Research Fellow Hyun-Suk Min Urban Design & Regional Planning +82-2-2149-1057
Research Fellow Eun-Cheol Park Housing Policy, Urban Administration +82-2-2149-1258
Research Fellow Hee-Ji Lim Urban Design & Urban Architecture +82-2-2149-1055
Research Fellow Nam-Jong Jang Urban Planning, Urban Regeneration, Urban Renewal +82-2-2149-1050
Research Fellow Sanghyeok Jeong Urban Design +82-2-2149-1093