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City Diplomacy Research Center

The Global Future Research Center proactively responds to diverse environmental changes surrounding the cities and conducts research on mid- to long-term strategies at a macro level that aims or sustainable urban development. The Center establishes international network in order to inform abroad Seoul’s good policy practices and the performance of SI.

Research Areas

City governance for the future through the identification of future

agendas for the city government of Seoul

Interdisciplinary strategy and planning in general

Pilot projects on pressing social issues

Comparative study of global cities around the world

Forging a global research network


World & Cities

'World & Cities' is a seasonal magazine which provides information on urban policies, innovative case studies, and international activities related to policy issues of Seoul.

Position Name Research Area Phone E-mail
Director/Research Fellow Wonho Kim Traffic Operation +82-2-2149-1131 이메일 보내기 아이콘
Research Fellow Chang Yi Transportation Planning, Urban Planning +82-2-2149-1076 이메일 보내기 아이콘
Associate Research Fellow Min-Gyu Lee China's foreign policy, Inter-Korean relations, City Diplomacy, South Korea-China relations +82-2-2149-1121 이메일 보내기 아이콘
Associate Research Fellow Mun, Inchul Inter-Korean relations, North Korean politics +82-2-2149-1255 이메일 보내기 아이콘