Seoul Public Investment Management Service

The Seoul Public investment Management Service (S-PIMs) is charged with reviewing and evaluating the fiscal and/or private finance initiative (PFI) projects driven by the Seoul Met- ropolitan Government (SMG). S-PIMs is tasked with analyzing the financial and economic feasibility of the SMG’s projects while avoiding future municipal burdens. It also reviews project agreements and negotiates project issues on behalf of SMG.

Directions on Management

public investment

Professional and Efficient Management of SMG’s Public Investments

Fiscal Policy Projects

  • Preliminary feasibility studies
  • Feasibility studies on major projects
  • Verify the results of the feasibility study done by other institute

Private Finance Initiative

  • Feasibility studies at the planning stage
  • Support business arrangements during the negotiation phase

Research and Education

  • Public investment research
  • Support SMG's project

public investment

Position Name Research Area Phone E-mail
Director/Senior Research Fellow Hyungho Youn Industrial Organization, Banking Finance +82-2-2149-1231
Head/Research Fellow Yonghoon Kwon Construction Management, Public Investment Analysis +82-2-2149-1427
Head/Research Fellow Young-min Park Construction Management, Public Investment Analysis +82-2-2149-1426
Head/Research Fellow Jae Hong Joo Economics, Finance, Public and Private Infrastructure Investment, ppp +82-2-2149-1425
Head/Research Fellow Dong Sung Kim  Construction & Environmental Engineering +82-2-2149-1151
Associate Research Fellow Kim, Dong-Guen Public Investment Analysis, Feasibility study +82-2-2149-1394