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An Analysis Condition Surveys and Housing Regeneration Direction Newtown and Redevelopment Project-Cancelled Areas

Nam-Jong JangㆍSang-Il KimㆍHyun-Jung LeeㆍCe-Na Baik


Park Won-Soon Mayer of Seoul Metropolitan Government, announced the exit plan for Seoul’s Newtown and Redevelopment Projects in 2012.


This has allowed residents to decide whether or not to cancel and implement the redevelopment area by checking its status and listening to residents’ opinions. Alternative regeneration projects have been carried out on the areas that have been cancelled.

So far, 393 out of 683 planned areas have been lifted(‘Cancelled Area’), but many of them have not been able to set the direction for residential regeneration.


In this study, we analyzed the actual condition of the cancelled area that we have been performing and typified it. And we reviewed the direction of the residential regeneration reflecting the new condition change by type.


The main contents of the study were focused on the following four main research questions.

1. What are the achievements and challenges of exit plan for Seoul’s Newtown and Redevelopment Project?

2. What are the major issues in the Newtown and Redevelopment Project of cancelled areas?

3. What is the applicability of the New Deal Policy of the central Government?

4. What is the direction of residential regeneration of the cancelled area that reflects new conditions?


In this study, major strategies were prepared for the regeneration of 393 cancelled areas in Seoul and detailed strategies were developed.


Strategy 1. Setting the Priorities for the policies and provision of support policies to achieve the regeneration through strategic support for priority areas with high urgency.

Strategy 2. Continuing support and refinement of housing improvement possible to the effect of urban regeneration through the public customized support for resolving cancelled area issues.

Strategy 3. Implementation of Urban Regeneration with Central Government in cooperation with Seoul. It is necessary to find a model ‘New Deal Project of Government’ and to prepare an application plan for Seoul.

Strategy 4. Establish a comprehensive plan for residential regeneration in the cancelled area.




01 Introduction

1_Background and Purpose of the Study

2_Scope and Methodology


02 Post 1. 30 Regeneration Actions

1_Key Performance of 1. 30 Regeneration Actions

2_Current Status and Issues of Regional Management

3_Major Issues and Challenges of Cancelled Areas


03 Current Address and Policy Issues

1_General Status of Cancelled Areas

2_Physical Characteristics in the Cancelled Areas

3_Economic Characteristics in the Cancelled Areas

4_Sociocultural Characteristics in the Cancelled Areas

5_General and Implications


04 Type and Response Tasks for Cancelled Areas

1_Cancelled Areas Types

2_Cancelled Areas Types and Characteristic

3_The Customized Housing Regeneration according to the Current Issues

4_General and Implications

05 Major Implementation and Detailed Action

1_Four Major Implementation Strategies

2_Relevant Policy Trends and Applicability to Manage Cancelled Areas