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A Guideline for Writing an Application Form of the Seoul Investment Appraisal System

Young-Min Park et al.


As the demand for administration is diversified, public investment projects became increasingly complex and specialized. To reduce the workload of the person in charge at the stage of planning and investment appraisal, there is an urgent need to strengthen professionalism.

Since the implementation of a poorly planned investment project may cause a loss of initial investment cost and an enormous financial loss during operation, it is best to improve work efficiency and prevent insolvency at the planning stage.

To reduce the workload of the person in charge and improve work efficiency, this study provides guidelines on the overall method of writing an application form in the Seoul Investment Appraisal System.

In the first two chapters, the characteristics of the public investment project and the Seoul Investment Appraisal System are examined.

In Chapter 3, the composition of the application form and its categories are introduced, as well as instructions on completing the form, described for each category including examples that can enhance understanding of the form.

In Chapter 4, specific methods and examples for each part and a list of references are provided.

Error list and major checklist are provided in six parts (General Administration & Industry, General Administration & Industry, Culture & Sports, Health & Welfare, Transportation, Environment, Etc).




01 Introduction

1_Background and Purpose of the Study

2_Main Contents and Research Methods


02 Seoul Public Investment

1_Introduction of the Seoul Public Investment and Appraisal System

2_Characteristics of the Seoul Investment Appraisal System


03 Application form in the Seoul Investment Appraisal System


2_Method of Writing an Application Form


04 Guidelines for Each Part


1_General Administration & Industry

2_Culture & Sports

3_Health & Welfare