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Improvement Strategies of Environmental Impact Assessment in Seoul

Suk-Min LeeㆍHye-Jin Lee

Seoul is operating an environmental impact assessment system for building and Maintenance Projects. The main focus is assessing whether the target project reflects Seoul's central environmental policies and whether the development project properly establishes the forecast and reduction measures for its environmental impact. The consultation provides reflections on construction and operation.
The environmental impact assessment item and review standards continuously require improvement by changing Seoul's internal and external environments. However, only some amendments have been made since the initial notice. Hence, it is necessary to review the appropriateness and validity of the item and deliberation standards. In addition, the evaluation according to the deliberation criteria is formal, and the effectiveness of the environmental impact assessment is rising.
In this study, the city will identify the direction and issues of internal and external environmental policy in Seoul, reflect on the characteristics of the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the maintenance project, and suggest ways to improve the effectiveness of environmental impact assessment items, deliberation standards, evaluation methods, and effectiveness of evaluation methods.