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Department of Urban management Research

The Department of Urban Management Research aims to make municipal administration of the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) more effective, future-oriented and citizen-centered. To achieve this, researchers of the department constantly seek efficient management plans for organizations and research efficient public finance policy for sustainable municipal operations. In addition, the department considers decentralized governance and partnership management plans in relation to local autonomy.

Research Areas

Organization Management

  • Organization assessment and diagnosis
  • Performance management
  • Human resource management

Finance Management

  • Public finance policies
  • Tax system
  • Finance and policy planning

Decentralization and Partnership Management

  • Local autonomy development
  • Balanced regional development

Position Name Research Area Phone E-mail
Director/Research Fellow Guiyoung Kim Public Administration, Organization & Personnel Management +82-2-2149-1240 이메일 보내기 아이콘
Research Fellow Shin, Min chul Performance Mangement, Program Evaluation +82-2-2149-1214 이메일 보내기 아이콘
Associate Research Fellow Yi, Joon Young governance, local self-government, policy instrument choice, mayoral leadership, community well-being +82-2-2149-1487 이메일 보내기 아이콘
Associate Research Fellow Minsup Hwang Organization Diagnosis, HRM, Policy & Performance Evaluation +82-2-2149-1126 이메일 보내기 아이콘
Associate Research Fellow Hyun-Jung Lim Local Autonomy, Policy Coordination, Sustainable Development +82-2-2149-1220 이메일 보내기 아이콘
Associate Research Fellow Deung-Yong Heo Local Fiance +82-2-2149-1087 이메일 보내기 아이콘