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Overview of the Seoul Institute

Objective of Foundation

The Seoul Development Institute was established by the Seoul Metropolitan Government(SMG) in 1992 and was renamed as the Seoul Institute (SI) on August 1st, 2012. SI’s primary goal is to improve municipal administration, enhance the quality of life of Seoul citizens, and reinforce the competitiveness of the city by setting a medium- and long-term vision of the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG). We suggest social policies on welfare, culture, education, and industries and urban management policies on city planning, transportation, safety and the environment through professional research.

Main Tasks

  1. Support the policy-making processes of the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG).
  2. Conduct intensive research for municipal administration on a variety of policy issues
  3. Do joint research and exchange information with relevant domestic and foreign research institutes.


HISTORY-You can check the History of the Seoul Institute
  • 2022.03.10 Park Hyung-soo was inaugurated as the 17th President
  • 2020.04.28 Seo Wang-jin was inaugurated as the 16th President
  • 2017.04.28 Seo Wang-jin was inaugurated as the 15th President
  • 2014.08.20 Kim Soo-hyun was inaugurated as the 14th President
  • 2012.07.26 Renamed as the Seoul Institute
  • 2012.02.17 Lee Chang-hyon was inaugurated as the 13th President
  • 2011.01.28 Kim Sang-beom was inaugurated as the 12th President
  • 2007.11.05 Jeong Mun-geon was inaugurated as the 11th President
  • 2007.01.15 Je Ta-ryong was inaugurated as the 10th President
  • 2005.08.26 Kang Man-su was inaugurated as the 9th President
  • 2003.01.27 The complex was relocated to Seocho-dong
  • 2002.08.26 Paek Yong-ho was inaugurated as the 8th President
  • 1999.10.18 Gwon Won-yong was inaugurated as the 7th President
  • 1998.08.06 Gang hong-bin was inaugurated as the 6th President
  • 1997.02.01 Seo Jun-ho was inaugurated as the 5th President
  • 1996.06.10 Lee beon-song was inaugurated as the 4th President
  • 1996.02.10 Lee beon-song was inaugurated as the 3rd President
  • 1994.09.23 Jeong Se-uk was inaugurated as the 2nd President
  • 1992.10.01 The Seoul Development Institute launched
  • 1992.09.23 Choi Sang-chol was inaugurated as the 1st President
  • 1992.07.14 Approval of establishment
  • 1992.01.15 Promulgation of the Ordinance on the Promotion of the Seoul Development Institute