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Department of Transportation Systems Research

The Department of Transportation Systems Research aims to improve the quality of life in Seoul by securing and improving citizens’ transportation rights. It endeavors to rationalize the transportation systems of Seoul by developing human-oriented, environmentally-friendly systems, strengthening the public transportation services particularly for the mobility disadvantaged, maximizing the operational efficiency of transportation facilities, and restructuring the transportation and logistics systems in order to make them more suitable for metropolitan life.

Research Areas

Public Transportation

  • Strengthening the function of urban railways, intra-city buses, and local buses
  • Establishing an integrated public transportation service

Roadway Planning and Maintenance

  • Establishing efficient road networks
  • Developing street furniture management systems

Transportation Operation

  • Establishing and managing intelligent transportation systems
  • Developing an intelligent road safety system

Travel Demand Management and Survey

  • Establishing travel demand management policies to reduce traffic congestion
  • Surveying national travel demand and developing a database
  • Establishing travel demand management goals

Transportation Systems Sustainability

  • Developing public transportation services for sustainable welfare
  • Establishing public transportation service strategies for mobility disadvantaged
  • Materializing an eco-friendly transportation system

Taxi and Urban Logistics

  • Revitalizing the taxi industry and improving taxi services
  • Reorganizing the metropolitan logistics system
  • Introducing a greener urban logistics system